Dishoom Breakfast



Last week Joel was kind enough to bring me with him to Dishoom for a complimentary breakfast and obvs I was v excited to try it out because complimentary breakfast yo!!

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BB Cushion Review


Ok so I bought a blank BB Cushion aaaages ago on RoseRoseShop because it was on sale for like $5!! And I just kind of forgot about it and didn’t really start using it until recently but I actually love it so much now, I use it every day pretty much! I know that BB cushions have been around for quite a while in Asia but I think they’re only catching up here now so click before to find out how to use one 👇

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Bomber Topshop

Jumper H&M Men’s

Leggings American Apparel

Shoes Rick Owens

Anyone who knows me probably knows that I’m into streetwear stuff, which is why I end up buying a lot of men’s items because they’re in the style that I want, plus it’s hard to find oversized items for women when you’re v chubbs like I am. Which is why on my laziest days when I just want to be comfy, I basically just dress like a fuckboy haha. I got this new jumper from the men’s section in H&M and it’s super cosy and comfy so it’s now my fave item, plus the sleeves are actually really long!!! Which I really struggle with because most long sleeved things I get tend to not even reach my wrist lol. Let me know what you think of this casual outfit and what your favourite comfy items are!

Alcoholic Architecture



I recently got the opportunity to visit Alcoholic Architecture, which is an amazing bar with a walk in gin and tonic cloud!! Not only do you consume the alcohol through breathing in your lungs but also through your eyeballs as well wtf! It’s like that dumb vodka tampon thing except it actually works lol. I actually heard about this in September and I can’t believe it took me until this year to visit because it was so fun!

So the whole bar is monastery themed and you’re actually greeted by a ‘monk’ that introduces you to the bar and lets you in to the bar, which is located in the basement of this huge Victorian building that actually used to be the site of an ancient monastery. Even if you didn’t know this before, it’s really obvious once you go in because the interior is super cool and dark and gothic – they even had little hovels dotted around in the walls decorated with skulls and religious relics. The interior is something I always notice so I get really excited when places go really over the top and do themed things like this!!


Once you get in, there’s basically an actual real bar and then another room which is the breathable alcoholic cloud room. If you’ve been to the yellowbluepink exhibition at the Wellcome Collection, it’s very similar to that. The room is so thick with the alcoholic cloud it’s hard to see the other side of the room! I actually thought I’d get bored after 5 minutes in there because I was like, ‘oh it’s just a room wtf how long do I really wanna stay in there’, but they played music in there and then halfway through, there was like a ‘thunderstorm’ inside which was really fun and shocking haha. Plus if you’re with fun friends then obviously it’s going to be fun lol.


After idk, 15 minutes in the bar, we went to the bar to check out the drinks, which of course were also themed as well! We tried out 3 different ones and my favourite was definitely Ambrosia, which contained mead, honey and lemon amongst other stuff, it was sooo sweet and you couldn’t taste the alcohol at all, which is my fave kind of drink. At this point, I’m not sure if it was the drinks or the cloud but we were definitely feeling pretty tipsy which was great, cause I wasn’t really expecting to get the slightest bit drunk lol.

Honestly, before I visited I read a lot of negative reviews that said stuff like ‘oh you don’t even get drunk’ or even ‘it’s so sticky in there’ so I wasn’t really expecting much, but after visiting I feel like it was definitely worth it and everyone else were just dummies. Being in the cloud for 45 minutes is supposed to be equivalent to 1 G&T, which really isn’t that much so are you really expecting to get drunk just off of that??? It was definitely a really fun and new experience, 10/10 would deffo recommend and everyone else is just a Ron Swanson really lol. Seriously, where else can you go in London that has anything remotely similar??




Long Sleeve Shirt Topshop

T-Shirt Dress Alexander Wang x H&M

Socks American Apparel

Shoes Rick Owens

Photos by VA (Chopstick Panorama)

Hey guys, happy new year!! I’ve been so busy this holiday with work I haven’t even worn anything nice enough for outfit shots until now, and I’m so happy with this outfit because I get to wear my new shoes!! For Christmas I bought myself a pair of Rick Owens Geobaskets as a present to myself because they’ve been my dream shoes for so long and tbh I feel like I look gr8 in them LOL.

So even though I guess it’s supposed to be winter, it’s actually been so warm in London I felt fine just wearing a dress and thigh high socks to go out but then again, I don’t really get cold easily either. The only thing I regret was the fact that it ended up raining soooo hard in the evening it was basically like a rainstorm and I had to walk around in the rain and my thick wool socks soaked up all of the water haha.

Anyways, hope you guys have had a good Christmas and New Years! Let me know what you guys think of this look!


Dirty Bones


Ok so finally here is my Dirty Bones review! As I mentioned before, Joel was kind enough to invite me during the Carnaby Shopping Night thing. To be quite honest, I didn’t actually have amazing expectations because I’ve always been like ‘oh it’s just another diner type place’ but it definitely WAY exceeded my expectations!! Please excuse my poor quality pictures in this post because it was really dark and my photography skills suck tbh but I hope I still managed to convey how delicious the food was lol.

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OOTD Throwback

Jacket Miss Selfridge

Jumper ASOS

Skirt Missguided

Shoes Dr Martens

Hey guys, how is everyone doing? Obviously this isn’t a recent OOTD because it’s suddenly gotten sooo cold now it’s way too chilly to be able to just wear a leather jacket out. I just wanted to reminisce about the good ol’ days of Autumn where it was cool enough to layer up but still warm enough to not have to wear a coat hahaha.

Bubble Clay Mask Review

Ok I have a review for you guys today! This is the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, which is just as weird and long as the name suggests haha. It’s basically a clay mask that foams up by the Korean brand Elizavecca. I kept seeing this product pop up on Asian Beauty blogs and stuff and since I was doing an order anyway, I decided to try it out just for fun, cause I wasn’t really expecting anything from it. Actually I didn’t even know what this product is supposed to do, I just looked it up and it claims to provide pore cleaning and black head removal. Honestly, I just bought it because it looked funny lol.

So you get 100g of the product in a little plastic tub that comes in cardboard packaging with a cute piggy actually wearing the mask but what I really like about this is that there’s a QR code on the side that you can scan to make sure your product is legit! I remember a while ago there were a few scares about some sites that sent out fakes? Like obviously get your stuff from legit sites but this is like, a really good extra safety precaution as well.

The packaging for this is really cute and I love that it comes with a plastic spatula to scoop it out, which is more hygienic, even though I usually never bother with it because I’m lazy shhh… The actual clay mask itself though, is actually sooo weird – it’s like a gloopy jelly sort of texture?! Like you see it and you’re like how is this supposed to foam up??? But it actually starts to foam as soon as it’s exposed to the air, like the reaction happens very quickly so you need to hurry with the application haha. One thing I realised with the spatula though, is that because it’s so tiny you need to quickly do multiple scoops to get enough to cover your whole face, which is actually pretty tedious and annoying. Or maybe it’s because I have a huge moon face?? Maybe if you have a smaller face it’s not as much effort! Another thing to note is that it has a nice floral/sweet kind of scent as well and even though I’m supposed to prefer unscented products because they’re better, I like nice smelling products still haha.

I actually spent so long taking selfies before I spread the mask on my face that it already started to foam up during the first picture, so please take heed, and don’t waste time doing this because you’ll get stressed out about how much time you’re taking lol. I pretty much put it on my whole face like when I normally apply masks but I didn’t realise how fucking much this mask expands so apply a thin layer and leave an extra large gap for your eye and mouth holes if you’re using this, other wise it’s going to get on your eyelashes and in your mouth and your nostrils and that’s gonna be stressful too.

For some dumb reason when I tried this on, I didn’t even look at instructions and I didn’t know how long to leave it on for so it just kept expanding and expanding as I sat there lmao. Turns out you leave it on for 5 minutes, then massage for a bit, then wash it off. I think I sat there for around 15 minutes before I felt like I was being suffocated by these fucking bubbles and I went to wash it off. When you massage it with water, it turns into like a foaming cleanser type of deal and turns back from like foam to a kind of thick gel-y sort of texture? It took a lot of effort to wash it off because it seemed to keep growing so also beware of this happening too lol.

When I finally washed it off… Honestly, I felt like it was really underwhelming cause nothing really happened and if anything, it had a very slight negative effect? I had that weird gross squeaky clean feel, like my face had been stripped of all its natural oils or whatever and I felt like it irritated my spots a bit and I was really struggling with my spots during this time period lol. The before picture isn’t as good quality as the after because I had it in the wrong camera setting but you can still kind of tell that my spots are like a bit more inflamed or something?

So yeah, the mask didn’t really do anything for me and was kind of a detriment to my skin but I didn’t mind that much because it wasn’t lasting damage and it was fun to try out anyway. It definitely didn’t clean out my pores or anything else that it claimed to do though.

I bought this from RoseRoseShop for around $7/8 which is a pretty good value for what it was and I didn’t mind spending that amount for something that ended up not working, it was ok because it felt like I paid for the entertainment value lmao. If you’re interested, feel free to give it a go but tbh don’t expect much. If you guys have tried it out, lemme know how you feel about it!

Carnaby St Shopping Party OOTD


cno3 cno1

Jacket Joyrich

Dress Topman

Socks Asos

Shoes Timberland

Photos by Joel of The Hallowed Ground

So I went to the Carnaby St/Grazia shopping party for the launch of Christmas…? They turned on the Christmas lights?? Lmao I don’t really know but they always do these shopping events and they’re always super fun! I went with my friend Joel who was vlogging for someone or something so it was even more fun experiencing it with him as opposed to just visiting like a regular person haha. Pretty much all of the shops have 20% off and there’s always so much free shit, which is obvs why everyone goes – including me lol. I just wanted free drinks tbh, but I also ended up getting given a goodie bag with apparently over £200 worth of stuff and there were actually SUCH good things in it! Like so much makeup it’s ridiculous!! There was even an Illamasqua lipstick in there, which was very exciting.

This was another casual last minute outfit but I kind of feel like this outfit reminds me of Hotline Bling somehow haha. I was really excited to wear my fluffy pink Joyrich jacket again because it’s November I thought it’d be cold enough and with my bare legs, my body temperature would somehow balance out but I was very hot and sweaty all night in it, especially on public transport!! Obviously I didn’t take it off like a normal person because the jacket was essential to my outfit though.

Anyway I’m trying to do more outfit posts because people have mentioned wanting more, so here it is!!! Hope you guys are enjoying them aha.