Bob Bob Ricard



Finally managed to get the opportunity to visit Bob Bob Ricard, which I’ve been wanting to visit ever since I heard of them and their call for champagne buttons at each table! It’s obviously a bit fancier and more expensive than the usual restaurants I would go to but I ended up just going on a whim because I really wanted to and I’m so glad I finally did!

Although they offer a mix of European and Russian food, I went with the intention of just having the Sunday roast, but my mum and I ended up sharing a whole bottle of rosé, starters and dessert–like we had a whole three courses but I’m really pleased we went hard because it was all so delicious haha.


So to start with, we got the Baked Oysters Brezhnev and the Lobster, Crab & Shrimp Pelmeni. I really liked both but I was especially impressed with the oysters! They were baked with parmesan, forming a nice cheesy crust on the oysters then served with a little slice of black truffle on top. The oysters tasted really fresh and like, oyster-y, like you could taste the salty freshness of the sea in them, if that makes sense. It somehow worked really well and wasn’t overpowered by the cheese or the truffle, they just all tasted delicious together. I know the trend of putting truffles on everything whether needed or not is a bit annoying but in this case, it was definitely a great addition.

The Pelmeni, on the other hand, was good but didn’t interest me as much as the oysters lol. They were little tiny dumplings stuffed with lobster, crab and shrimp then topped with salmon roe. They were tasty but you couldn’t really differentiate between the lobster, crab and the shrimp because they were all mixed together and ended up tasting the same. Like might as well have just stuck to one type of meat and be done with it really lol.


For the mains, my mum got the Poached Sole with Champagne Sauce whilst I had the Traditional Sunday Roast. The sole was stuffed with lobster and scallop, served on a bed of spinach and I really enjoyed this! I really liked the stuffing of the lobster and scallop, and the champagne sauce was delicious and creamy without being too thick or heavy. Definitely could’ve eaten the whole dish haha.

As for my sunday roast, that consisted of ’16 oz USDA Prime Black Angus’ roast beef served with slow roast potato, yorkshire pudding, carrots & parsnips, horseradish cream and truffle gravy. The beef was supposed to be cooked medium but came out more medium-rare which I was more than pleased about, but I honestly found the amount of it a bit much! I know people always complain about portions in these restaurants being too tiny but the amount of meat I had was more than enough, though I definitely could have eaten more of the sides. The potatoes could have been crispier but the inside was delicious and like, butter-y? And omg, my favourite bit was actually the parsnips and carrots, they were roasted in beef dripping with honey & thyme and you could definitely taste the beef dripping, it made the veggies soooo delicious and soft and creamy. I don’t particularly care for carrots but the parsnips, especially, were sooo amazing!!! I was a bit disappointed by the yorkshire pudding, because they’re my fave things in the world, and this one was a bit dry but I did leave that for last and I took so long eating, it ended up being a bit on the cold side. But I dipped it in the leftover beef dripping from the root veg and it was still good haha.

The horseradish cream that came with the food was really great as well, it was like actual horseradish flavoured whipped cream, which I wasn’t expecting, but it made it deliciously light! Honestly though, the gravy could’ve been a bit better, it was a bit on the thin side and you definitely couldn’t taste the ‘truffle’ but I guess it was better than nothing, and I still enjoyed the meal overall haha.


At this point, we were like satisfied and full but not full to the point of bursting so we thought we might as well try out the desserts. We ended up going with the Sour Cherry Soufflé and the Eton Mess En Perle, I would’ve gone with the signature Chocolate Glory but I wasn’t in the mood for chocolate, so I guess I’ll have to try that next time lol. I was actually really impressed by the desserts because they were both delicious but also not too heavy or sweet or sickening. Like they got the flavours just right for both of them!

The soufflé came with raspberry ripple ice cream and was very light, which was great considering how much I ate before. It did taste a bit eggy but I didn’t really mind that much, it was still a very good dessert overall, although it didn’t look as impressive as the Eton Mess lol. I had a lot of fun pouring on the cream? Ice cream? Couldn’t quite tell when everything was mixed together lmao, but it was fun pouring that on and then breaking the meringue ball to reveal the rest of the contents inside. I don’t actually really like fruit or marshmallow that much but both of those things in the dessert were really great and complemented each other very well.


Even though some things were not super amazing, like the Yorkshire pudding, I was still very pleased overall with everything I ate, I definitely felt satisfied after the meal and I am definitely looking forward to going back again! The meal was not cheap, it cost a bit over £150 for three courses, a bottle of rosé and the service but it was definitely worth it for such a great meal. Also the service was so great too, everyone was very friendly and lovely, which I always feel is especially important with restaurants when you’re paying SO much money for a meal lol. What’s the point in paying lots for a good meal when the staff are snobby and don’t treat you very well?

It’s also worth noting that a lot of places seem to emphasise the importance of booking well in advance but I only booked a couple of days before and there were still plenty of spaces available so I don’t think it’s too much trouble finding a reservation? But I always make sure to book a table no matter where I go anyway, just in case, it’s just easier that way lol.


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