Birthday Princess


Choker ASOS

Necklace Gogo Phillip

Jacket The Life of Pablo

Harness La Senza

Dress Moschino

Bag Moschino

Hello bitches 💫 I’m back again, don’t even have an excuse for being terrible at blogging, I’m just lazy tbh. I haven’t really taken any proper outfit shots lately, I’ve just been busy with school and work, this wasn’t even a proper photo it was a poor quality snapchat haha. I feel like whenever I go a while without blogging I always end up feeling guilty about it so I put it off and end up leaving it even longer, but you know what, it’s not even that deep lol. I like blogging cause I like having a space for chatting shit and showing my outfits and writing about food so I’m just gonna do it and not make a big deal about it. Also I finally have pink hair again and I am so happy about it!!! I finally feel like this is my final form lmao.

My birthday was actually like a month ago so this is just a tad late and I’m really annoyed I didn’t get a good picture of this but I really loved this outfit, I felt HOT AF in it and I actually got loads of surprise compliments lol. Also it was the first time I got to debut my Moschino biker jacket bag! This has been like, on the top of my wishlist after my Geobaskets but its obvs sooo pricey I’ve never been able to justify buying it for myself and using up all my money so I’m so grateful and surprised I got it as a birthday present! Definitely my fave handbag cause I feel like it suits my aesthetic so well – it’s black, gold and tacky lmao. What are your fave staple bags? ?


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