Ichiryu Udon



I recently visited Ichiryu, the new udon house from the same people that brought us Japan Centre and Shoryu Ramen, thanks to my mum notifying me about a 50% udon voucher haha. I guess it was only time that they ventured out and brought udon to London since there doesn’t seem to be a place that specialises in it. Tbh I’m not as fond of it as I am ramen, but I feel like it’s a perfect Spring/Summer meal since it’s not as heavy and rich as ramen tends to be. Click the cut to find out what I ate!!


Not only do they do udon but they also do sides as well including buns and potato salad(!! My fave!!! Even though I didn’t get to try it out this time..) Ofc, I had to get some buns so I tried the BBQ Pork as well as the Toriten Chicken Tempura flavours. The buns tasted pretty much the same as the ones they do in Shoryu with japanese mayo, some mildly spicy sauce, cucumber and lettuce but they were wholemeal buns instead of white ones, it was like a nice little surprise but other than that I didn’t really care that much about it lol. The BBQ pork was actually pretty good and pretty tender, though it could’ve stood to be a bit more tender and like, melt in your mouth. The tempura chicken was nice and moist too but nothing amazing and was kind of overshadowed by the pork tbh!


As for the udon, I really liked that there was quite a lot to choose from. Not only were there cold and hot udon, you could also choose to upgrade to Stone Ground Whole Meal Udon or Matcha Green Udon, which are appaz limited to 30 portions a day! While my mum got the Niku Beef with whole meal udon, I got the Prawn Tempura with matcha udon, both of which were starred on the menu so it was ~*~recommended~*~

I was actually really extra with adding toppings because I was super hungry and I was like ‘it’s 50% off so I might as well get extras, plus I obvs need to try everything so I can let everyone know what it’s like!!!’ lmao. So on top of the tempura that came with the udon, I also got an Ontama Egg (it’s like a poached egg that’s poached in the shell or ‘poached egg japanese style’ according to the menu lol), Kakiage Tempura (‘nest of mixed vegetables’) as well as a Potato Croquette cause I love that shit. Tbh I think I went overboard with the toppings cause it was all fried and I felt a bit too sicky to finish the rest of my udon towards the end. So don’t do what I did and get greedy!! I really feel like just the prawn tempura was enough, even though they were all delicious.

As for the matcha udon itself, I really liked it! You could actually taste the matcha and because it’s quite a kind of idk, bitter flavour, it went really well with the light broth that it’s served in. I think because I got too much fried shit to go with the udon, the batter kind of overshadowed the taste of everything else but before I had all that, it was great lol!


Our meal came to around £35 but would’ve been like £46 without the menu, which is actually quite expensive but that’s because I way over-ordered tbh. If you just get a side and an udon dish, it would probably be like £15-ish which is just like average London prices. I’d deffo recommend going there to at least try it out, especially for the matcha udon cause that’s a pretty unusual thing to have here, I think!


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