Eyelash Extensions

Ok so people have been asking me to do this post for like a long time and I’m finally getting off my ass to write about a guide to semi-permanent eyelash extensions! I’ve been getting them on and off for a good few years after wearing false eyelashes like, every day and they have been a godsend tbh!

I’ve been cursed with super straight, invisible asian lashes that don’t curl no matter whatever the fuck I do so I’ve always had to wear fake eyelashes to get them to show up. (Btw those are the only decent-ish pictures I can find of me without extensions because I’ve had them for so long I don’t have any proper pictures of my pre-extensions, sorry!) But the main reason I switched to extensions is that they’re so much easier!! Like I wake up and I already have nice lashes and it’s made me feel less self conscious about going out without makeup as well.

When I decided to start getting lashes done on the regz, it was kind of a struggle because I would just usually go on Treatwell/Wahanda and find the most decent place but there were loads of annoying factors like pricing (lashes are hella expensive!!) and availability (for some reason you always have to book like 4 weeks in advance or whatever and I don’t plan ahead enough for that shit), as well as the fact that most white people don’t really know about how Asian lashes work as well so they would never do them curled enough for my liking. But anyway, to save you the struggle of all the shit that I’ve been through, I’m gonna teach you my wisdom and guide you through eyelash extensions!


So from what I understand, there are a few different types of extensions (please correct me if I’m wrong because I’m obvs not an expert and I don’t do them myself, I just get them done lol)

  • Classic: single lash strands which are applied individually to your lashes. These can be silk, mink, faux mink or synthetic.
  • 3D/6D/Russian: multiple lighter lash strands are applied together on each lash, as opposed to one lash extension on a single eyelash. This is the kind I usually get because they tend to look fuller and more dramatic.

The lashes also come in different lengths and curl types as well. The curl types are J, B, D and C in order of most natural to most curled (idg this letter order either lmao) and the length normally ranges from 8mm to 15mm. I always get 15mm cause I want them to stand out lol.


Typically lashes are pretty damn expensive, which can be quite a bit turn off. Normally the prices range between £60-£100+, with the higher end places usually costing more. Personally, I’ve never paid more than £100 for my lashes and although I usually believe in paying more for better quality, it is possible to find high quality lashes for cheap as well.

The good thing is that even though the initial cost may be high, infills every 3-4 weeks are usually half the price at around £30-60, so if you want to keep up the extensions, you won’t have to shell out loads of money each time!


So depending on what style you want your lashes, like how full or dramatic or natural or whatever, it can take 1-2.5 hrs. I usually opt for the super dramatic, OTT, fake af style so I have to lie there for like 2 hours usually but if you want it more natural, it should only take an hour or so. But more good news! The infills don’t take as long because obviously you already still have some lashes on you so they’re normally around 30 mins-1 hr! Plus the process is minimal effort because you literally lie there, the technician puts some under eye patch thing to cover up your bottom lashes and you just close your eyes while they get to work. You don’t even feel anything!

Some people might find it tedious laying there for a couple of hours but I honestly find it so relaxing getting my lashes done. I go there with a fresh face (make sure your eyes are free from makeup!) and lie there for a couple hours, listen to music, chat to my lash lady and sometimes I even nap as well. It’s honestly such a good excuse for a rest lol!


After you’ve had your lashes done, depending on the glue, your eyes might sting for a little bit and they might water but it’s cool, just go out and get some fresh air and it’ll go in like 5 minutes. Taking care of your lashes after that is pretty easy, there’s just a few things to remember!

  • Do not get your eyes wet 24-48 hours after getting them done! You can wash your face obvs but just avoid the eye area because the water might make your lashes fall out. After that it should be fine, but you probs shouldn’t go soaking them in water every day.
  • Don’t play with your lashes! I brush mine everyday with a lash wand but don’t like, tug them or play around with them too much because obvs it’ll make them fall out.
  • Don’t use mascara!!! There is literally no point using mascara on top of thick eyelash extensions and it’ll just make them fall out.
  • No oil-based products!! That includes makeup like eyeliner, moisturisers as well as makeup removers. I use micellar water with a cotton pad to gently remove my eye makeup, just remember to be VERY gentle because sometimes the cotton gets stuck to your lashes and tugs them off. Every few days I also gently wash my eyelids/lash line with baby shampoo to like, deep cleanse them lol.

I think that’s pretty much it for the important things to remember? Other than that it’s very straight forward. Looking after them is more about like leaving them alone so it can’t really be more simpler than that tbh. If a dummy like me can keep them then surely you can too lmao.

For those of you in London and wanting to find somewhere to go, I definitely recommend Aubrey of Special Eyes*! Before I found her, I literally went to like a new place each time because I never liked them enough to go back but I’ve been going to Aubrey for like nearly a year and I love her so much! She knows exactly how I like them done, the pricing is super reasonable and she always has time for me! Plus she’s also ordered pink coloured extensions for me as well so it’s not just regular lashes that she does.

So there you go, that’s my little guide on eyelash extensions! I hope this helped some of you, feel free to ask anything I might’ve missed out in the comments 💕

*Just wanted to clarify this is in no way a sponsored post!! I just really love Aubrey and want to share her services with you guys lol.



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