Superstar BBQ


Last week my friend VA brought me along to eat Korean BBQ with her as she was invited by SuperStar BBQ, a restaurant behind Centre Point in Tottenham Court Rd. Obvs I was v happy because I am always ready to eat hella BBQ meats and also because I’ve been on a long hunt to find a good Korean BBQ spot in London.

So we started off with some cocktails, starters and banchan (sides). We ordered a Kojito (mojito with soju lol) as well as a Straight on Passion Tree which was soju, passion fruit puree, peach, orange and pineapple juice. Both cocktails were really good and a perfect combo of sour/sweet. As for the starters and sides, we ordered quite a lot, obvs in the interests of you guys. We ended up getting all of the banchan on the menu as well as fried chicken, mandoo (dumplings) and yukhoe (steak tartare).

The banchan consisted of kimchi, pickled radish, spinach, beansprout and I think it was another type of pickled radish? Tbh I don’t even like kimchi that much so I don’t think I’ll be ordering them again haha. Especially the seaweed, it’s like the kind you have as a snack as a little asian kid like me, which seemed really pointless because of all the other stuff you can get instead.

Yukhoe is one of my top favourite things so I was really glad to see it on the menu. It’s basically like Korean steak tartare but seasoned with Asian stuff like sesame oil and served with Asian pear and a raw egg yolk. The beef was still a little bit frozen when we ate it but I didn’t really care that much, it was still good, especially the contrast of the meat with the sweet pear.

The other two sides we got was the vegetable dumplings and the special soy fried chicken. Honestly, the mandoo was a bit bland and dry; and while the chicken was super amazingly tender, wasn’t really crispy and didn’t seem to have much flavour? But tbh, I feel like it doesn’t really matter because we came to eat BBQ and all these sides just waste stomach space really lmao.


SO anyway!! On to the good bit, the BBQ!!! We ordered quite a lot because we wanted to see what was best, but it didn’t end up being TOO much because the portions were quite small at only 100g each. We ordered the squid, pork belly AND the wine pork belly, bulgogi (marinated beef), galbi (beef ribs), sesame and garlic sirloin, as well as mixed mushrooms and sweet onion. Also we got a portion of rice each and lettuce with miso paste for the wraps. We actually ended up having to get another portion of the lettuce because the leaves were quite tiny and it wasn’t enough for all the meat we had!


My favourites from the selection we ordered was the galbi and the squid. The galbi was super tender and thick and delicious and juicy! Deffo found myself wanting more of that. Also with the squid, well, it’s p hard to fuck up squid tbh haha. With the two different pork bellies we ordered, we couldn’t really distinguish the difference between the two, which is what the waitress told us in the first place! So you might as well save some money and order the regular pork belly. I would definitely recommend getting the galbi, squid and pork belly for your classic Korean BBQ meats. The sirloin though, wasn’t that impressive. It was a bit tough and you couldn’t taste any garlic or sesame flavour? But tbh, I don’t think cuts like that works very well for BBQ really, also especially as I like my steaks blue lol.

Overall I had a lovely experience at Superstar BBQ! Especially because the atmosphere was great and the service was super friendly and attentive, which I always feel is super important. I did feel the food was a bit pricey though, especially as the portions were quite small and just the lettuce was £3!! But the food was still delicious nevertheless and their set menus seem quite decent. Plus it’s in a very convenient location just behind Centre Point in Tottenham Court Rd!


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