Dishoom Breakfast



Last week Joel was kind enough to bring me with him to Dishoom for a complimentary breakfast and obvs I was v excited to try it out because complimentary breakfast yo!!


We started off the breakfast in the outside Verandah area with an apple, carrot and ginger juice for Joel and a breakfast lassi for me. The breakfast lassi was super creamy and banana-y which I loved and also had oats and mango which I love in drinks tbh! The juice was really gingery which I usually enjoy but I hate carrots so it was a no from me lol. I also ended up getting the chai as well, which was great because it’s chai but also I think it’s refillable as well, which is a really good bonus!

For the actual food, we ended up ordering 4 dishes, which was definitely way too much but we just really wanted to try as much as possible. We chose the bacon and egg, and sausage and egg naan rolls because so many people go on about them as well as the ‘Kerjiwal’, which was chilli cheese toast with fried eggs, and the ‘Keema Per Eedu’, which was chicken livers with fried eggs and pau buns.



The bacon and sausage naan rolls were essentially the same thing because everything else in it were the same but oh my god, it was so delicious and deffo worth the hype and I will definitely be eating these again! It was a good sharing item because you get two of each, which made it a lot easier to split and even just the one roll was a lot of food! The sausages come from Maynard’s Farms and the bacon comes from The Ginger Pig, (I really appreciated them writing this on their menu tbh because it’s a nice little touch!) and the meats were both equally good. Like it’s not hard to fuck up sausages really, but the bacon was especially good because it was really thick and well cooked. The rolls are served with cream cheese, and the most delicious and amazing chilli tomato jam that was the perfect blend of sweet and spicy (Joel and I really liked this!!), as well as lots of coriander which is one of my top fave herbs in the world and I will gladly eat a whole bunch of it on its own.


Next up was the chilli cheese toast, which was super delicious and also check out how amazingly orange these yolks are!! The cheese toast wasn’t super spicy which is good if you can’t really handle that, it was just really well spiced and delicious and really complemented the delicious yolky eggs well. I feel like the portion of this isn’t that substantial though so it was a good thing this wasn’t the only thing we ordered lol.



The Keema Per Eedu probably would’ve been my favourite if we didn’t get the naan rolls. Curried chicken livers topped with two fried eggs, sali crisp chips and a generous heaping of coriander served with delicious soft pau buns that kinda reminded me of brioche. I know people are a bit grossed out by liver and stuff but idc, it’s delicious and the seasoning was great and really well spiced. Again, it wasn’t overly spicy heat-wise and all the other things like the lime and the coriander and everything really helped to balance out the flavour of the curry. The only thing I didn’t like was that I didn’t feel like there wasn’t really enough buns for all the chicken lol. Also I bit into a whole cardamom pod.


If you’ve read my last post on Dishoom, you probably saw that I wasn’t too impressed by the food, but this breakfast definitely changed my opinion!! I think overall, everything was just much better cooked and flavoured compared to last time and I would definitely come back for breakfast at least. So if you’d like to try out Dishoom, go there for that. I’m drooling just thinking about that bacon and egg naan roll tbh!!!


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