BB Cushion Review


Ok so I bought a blank BB Cushion aaaages ago on RoseRoseShop because it was on sale for like $5!! And I just kind of forgot about it and didn’t really start using it until recently but I actually love it so much now, I use it every day pretty much! I know that BB cushions have been around for quite a while in Asia but I think they’re only catching up here now so click before to find out how to use one 👇



I got the blank cushion because I wasn’t ready to take the risk of ordering a new foundation online without a sample and also because I’m p damn happy with my current foundation anyway? But mainly because it was $5 and I wanted to buy into a new fad lmao. So this A’Pieu Smart Cushion comes in a pink cute and gold packaging with handy travel-sized compact and the cushion applicator in a plastic wrapper. The top bit of the compact is where you place the cushion and then it opens up to reveal a sponge where you put your foundation.


I removed the sponge and then just filled it with my regular foundation (but I’ve seen people fill it with a mixture of stuff like bb creams AND serum and other shit all together!?) before putting the sponge back and then kind of just poking it until it all got absorbed. I’m not really sure how much you’re supposed to put measurements-wise but I realise now that you need to make sure the sponge is REALLY saturated, otherwise you don’t pick up enough product with the cushion.


After your sponge is soaked, you just pat the cushion on and then press it on your face lol. I wasn’t really sure how I felt about this at first cause I didn’t think it was as much coverage as I liked compared to when I put it on normally but it is buildable! The main thing I love about this is the convenience though! Like instead of putting the foundation on the back of my hand and then using a brush to apply and then blending it out with a sponge, it’s just two steps and that’s it! And the cushion really helps create a flawless finish compared to using your fingers or a brush too.

Since I’ve been working so much and getting up so early, this has seriously been such a help with getting ready quickly 🙏 Deffo recommend 10/10, especially because you can use your own foundation that you’re already happy with!

I got my cushion here on RoseRoseShop if anyone else is interested!


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