Alcoholic Architecture



I recently got the opportunity to visit Alcoholic Architecture, which is an amazing bar with a walk in gin and tonic cloud!! Not only do you consume the alcohol through breathing in your lungs but also through your eyeballs as well wtf! It’s like that dumb vodka tampon thing except it actually works lol. I actually heard about this in September and I can’t believe it took me until this year to visit because it was so fun!

So the whole bar is monastery themed and you’re actually greeted by a ‘monk’ that introduces you to the bar and lets you in to the bar, which is located in the basement of this huge Victorian building that actually used to be the site of an ancient monastery. Even if you didn’t know this before, it’s really obvious once you go in because the interior is super cool and dark and gothic – they even had little hovels dotted around in the walls decorated with skulls and religious relics. The interior is something I always notice so I get really excited when places go really over the top and do themed things like this!!


Once you get in, there’s basically an actual real bar and then another room which is the breathable alcoholic cloud room. If you’ve been to the yellowbluepink exhibition at the Wellcome Collection, it’s very similar to that. The room is so thick with the alcoholic cloud it’s hard to see the other side of the room! I actually thought I’d get bored after 5 minutes in there because I was like, ‘oh it’s just a room wtf how long do I really wanna stay in there’, but they played music in there and then halfway through, there was like a ‘thunderstorm’ inside which was really fun and shocking haha. Plus if you’re with fun friends then obviously it’s going to be fun lol.


After idk, 15 minutes in the bar, we went to the bar to check out the drinks, which of course were also themed as well! We tried out 3 different ones and my favourite was definitely Ambrosia, which contained mead, honey and lemon amongst other stuff, it was sooo sweet and you couldn’t taste the alcohol at all, which is my fave kind of drink. At this point, I’m not sure if it was the drinks or the cloud but we were definitely feeling pretty tipsy which was great, cause I wasn’t really expecting to get the slightest bit drunk lol.

Honestly, before I visited I read a lot of negative reviews that said stuff like ‘oh you don’t even get drunk’ or even ‘it’s so sticky in there’ so I wasn’t really expecting much, but after visiting I feel like it was definitely worth it and everyone else were just dummies. Being in the cloud for 45 minutes is supposed to be equivalent to 1 G&T, which really isn’t that much so are you really expecting to get drunk just off of that??? It was definitely a really fun and new experience, 10/10 would deffo recommend and everyone else is just a Ron Swanson really lol. Seriously, where else can you go in London that has anything remotely similar??




One thought on “Alcoholic Architecture

  1. I have never heard of this place before, or of the concept of breathable alcohol haha. Sounds like a really fun experience on multiple levels! I think the people who were disappointed they didn’t leave the cloud room absolutely wasted probably missed the point a bit lol.

    I really appreciate a good yummy cocktail so I’m definitely going to keep this place in mind!


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