Long Sleeve Shirt Topshop

T-Shirt Dress Alexander Wang x H&M

Socks American Apparel

Shoes Rick Owens

Photos by VA (Chopstick Panorama)

Hey guys, happy new year!! I’ve been so busy this holiday with work I haven’t even worn anything nice enough for outfit shots until now, and I’m so happy with this outfit because I get to wear my new shoes!! For Christmas I bought myself a pair of Rick Owens Geobaskets as a present to myself because they’ve been my dream shoes for so long and tbh I feel like I look gr8 in them LOL.

So even though I guess it’s supposed to be winter, it’s actually been so warm in London I felt fine just wearing a dress and thigh high socks to go out but then again, I don’t really get cold easily either. The only thing I regret was the fact that it ended up raining soooo hard in the evening it was basically like a rainstorm and I had to walk around in the rain and my thick wool socks soaked up all of the water haha.

Anyways, hope you guys have had a good Christmas and New Years! Let me know what you guys think of this look!



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