Dirty Bones


Ok so finally here is my Dirty Bones review! As I mentioned before, Joel was kind enough to invite me during the Carnaby Shopping Night thing. To be quite honest, I didn’t actually have amazing expectations because I’ve always been like ‘oh it’s just another diner type place’ but it definitely WAY exceeded my expectations!! Please excuse my poor quality pictures in this post because it was really dark and my photography skills suck tbh but I hope I still managed to convey how delicious the food was lol.

So to start with, we ordered the Deep Fried Mac Balls and the Salt & Pepper Squid. Whenever there is anything to do with mac & cheese or deep fried on the menu, I am almost always sure to order it and I am so glad we got these because they were so good. They came with sweet chilli sauce sauce, which seems like a weird combination but it worked so well together! And the squid was also great too, they were actually so surprisingly tender!

Next up our mains arrived – tbh we definitely overdid it with getting the starters and two mains as well as two sides, especially as we got so many heavy foods haha. So we ordered The Mac Daddy, the Chicken & Waffles as well as the Collard Greens and the Double Dirty Fries which was a hell of a lot food omg.

Firstly, the burger was amazing because it had mac and cheese inside and also surprise pulled beef!!! Which I now realise was a surprise because we didn’t read the menu properly but either way it was a pleasant surprise lol. It was also really well cooked and tasted so great, especially considering last time I came to Kingly Court, I went to Stax and was highly disappointed by their shit disappointing burgers hahaha.

The best thing was the chicken and waffles though! I had given up on good chicken and waffles because everywhere I had been wasn’t amazing (even Bird which I had previously loved) but Dirty Bones is DEFINITELY the place to go for chicken and waffles in London! The waffles were so light and fluffy as well as being slightly sweet so they were really well contrasted with the chicken, but not too sweet so the maple syrup was too much. The chicken though, omg, was so amazingly tender and the coating was so crispy and well spiced. You know how sometimes you have fried chicken and it’s just like plain kinda soggy coating? This was deffo not the case here lol. I was so in love tbh!

As for the sides, the collard greens were really lovely and so amazing garlicky. I felt like it was a great decision because everything else we ordered was like, starchy and deep fried and super heavy so we definitely needed something green to offset everything else haha. The fries, on the other hand, were honestly way too much. I think Joel and I only had like, less than 1/4 of them before giving up cause it was just too much food. They were good though and if we didn’t order the starters, we probably would’ve enjoyed them more! The double dirty fries came with sweet pulled pork, refried beans and also cactus salsa that was really nice and like, sour and tangy, so that was good – just way too much food for us to handle.

Despite how full we were, the dessert menu was too tempting and we ended up getting some too lol. Joel got a milkshake while I ordered the milk gelato with a soft baked cookie. Tbh at this point, I was too dazed and full from my food coma to properly enjoy the dessert but milk is like, my favourite ice cream flavour so that was great. Idk why, there’s just something about plain milk flavour that I love!? Maybe it’s because I’m so boring and bland haha. All of the dessert options sounded nice tbh but nothing amazing really, but also maybe it’s because I’m not much of a dessert person.

OK so final verdict is that Dirty Bones has gr8 food and the best chicken and waffles in London so it’s definitely worth visiting for that! The prices are just average London prices so it’s not the best if you’re on a budget but I’d definitely recommend going if you want somewhere nice. Also their cocktails are great too!


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