Bubble Clay Mask Review

Ok I have a review for you guys today! This is the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, which is just as weird and long as the name suggests haha. It’s basically a clay mask that foams up by the Korean brand Elizavecca. I kept seeing this product pop up on Asian Beauty blogs and stuff and since I was doing an order anyway, I decided to try it out just for fun, cause I wasn’t really expecting anything from it. Actually I didn’t even know what this product is supposed to do, I just looked it up and it claims to provide pore cleaning and black head removal. Honestly, I just bought it because it looked funny lol.

So you get 100g of the product in a little plastic tub that comes in cardboard packaging with a cute piggy actually wearing the mask but what I really like about this is that there’s a QR code on the side that you can scan to make sure your product is legit! I remember a while ago there were a few scares about some sites that sent out fakes? Like obviously get your stuff from legit sites but this is like, a really good extra safety precaution as well.

The packaging for this is really cute and I love that it comes with a plastic spatula to scoop it out, which is more hygienic, even though I usually never bother with it because I’m lazy shhh… The actual clay mask itself though, is actually sooo weird – it’s like a gloopy jelly sort of texture?! Like you see it and you’re like how is this supposed to foam up??? But it actually starts to foam as soon as it’s exposed to the air, like the reaction happens very quickly so you need to hurry with the application haha. One thing I realised with the spatula though, is that because it’s so tiny you need to quickly do multiple scoops to get enough to cover your whole face, which is actually pretty tedious and annoying. Or maybe it’s because I have a huge moon face?? Maybe if you have a smaller face it’s not as much effort! Another thing to note is that it has a nice floral/sweet kind of scent as well and even though I’m supposed to prefer unscented products because they’re better, I like nice smelling products still haha.

I actually spent so long taking selfies before I spread the mask on my face that it already started to foam up during the first picture, so please take heed, and don’t waste time doing this because you’ll get stressed out about how much time you’re taking lol. I pretty much put it on my whole face like when I normally apply masks but I didn’t realise how fucking much this mask expands so apply a thin layer and leave an extra large gap for your eye and mouth holes if you’re using this, other wise it’s going to get on your eyelashes and in your mouth and your nostrils and that’s gonna be stressful too.

For some dumb reason when I tried this on, I didn’t even look at instructions and I didn’t know how long to leave it on for so it just kept expanding and expanding as I sat there lmao. Turns out you leave it on for 5 minutes, then massage for a bit, then wash it off. I think I sat there for around 15 minutes before I felt like I was being suffocated by these fucking bubbles and I went to wash it off. When you massage it with water, it turns into like a foaming cleanser type of deal and turns back from like foam to a kind of thick gel-y sort of texture? It took a lot of effort to wash it off because it seemed to keep growing so also beware of this happening too lol.

When I finally washed it off… Honestly, I felt like it was really underwhelming cause nothing really happened and if anything, it had a very slight negative effect? I had that weird gross squeaky clean feel, like my face had been stripped of all its natural oils or whatever and I felt like it irritated my spots a bit and I was really struggling with my spots during this time period lol. The before picture isn’t as good quality as the after because I had it in the wrong camera setting but you can still kind of tell that my spots are like a bit more inflamed or something?

So yeah, the mask didn’t really do anything for me and was kind of a detriment to my skin but I didn’t mind that much because it wasn’t lasting damage and it was fun to try out anyway. It definitely didn’t clean out my pores or anything else that it claimed to do though.

I bought this from RoseRoseShop for around $7/8 which is a pretty good value for what it was and I didn’t mind spending that amount for something that ended up not working, it was ok because it felt like I paid for the entertainment value lmao. If you’re interested, feel free to give it a go but tbh don’t expect much. If you guys have tried it out, lemme know how you feel about it!


10 thoughts on “Bubble Clay Mask Review

  1. omg, I had so much fun reading this. It felt like the mask is aliving being haha But yeah, I can kinda tell how your skin looks a bit worse afterwards. Not cool. Oh well, at least you looked cute all foamed up!


  2. Aw, I actually really liked this mask, I’m sad that you didn’t like it. But, everyone’s skin is different and what might work well for some may not work well for others.


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