Carnaby St Shopping Party OOTD


cno3 cno1

Jacket Joyrich

Dress Topman

Socks Asos

Shoes Timberland

Photos by Joel of The Hallowed Ground

So I went to the Carnaby St/Grazia shopping party for the launch of Christmas…? They turned on the Christmas lights?? Lmao I don’t really know but they always do these shopping events and they’re always super fun! I went with my friend Joel who was vlogging for someone or something so it was even more fun experiencing it with him as opposed to just visiting like a regular person haha. Pretty much all of the shops have 20% off and there’s always so much free shit, which is obvs why everyone goes – including me lol. I just wanted free drinks tbh, but I also ended up getting given a goodie bag with apparently over £200 worth of stuff and there were actually SUCH good things in it! Like so much makeup it’s ridiculous!! There was even an Illamasqua lipstick in there, which was very exciting.

This was another casual last minute outfit but I kind of feel like this outfit reminds me of Hotline Bling somehow haha. I was really excited to wear my fluffy pink Joyrich jacket again because it’s November I thought it’d be cold enough and with my bare legs, my body temperature would somehow balance out but I was very hot and sweaty all night in it, especially on public transport!! Obviously I didn’t take it off like a normal person because the jacket was essential to my outfit though.

Anyway I’m trying to do more outfit posts because people have mentioned wanting more, so here it is!!! Hope you guys are enjoying them aha.


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