White Cube Gallery OOTD

IMG_2961 IMG_2954


Jacket Miss Selfridge

Jumper Missguided

Skirt Topshop

Shoes Dr Martens

The White Cube Gallery is one of my favourites in London just because the space itself is so nice and it’s so great that the current exhibitions right now are also really cool too. The top images are from an exhibition by Cerith Wyn Evans and my outfit image was shot at the 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 exhibition by Robert Irwin.

Tbh I really don’t know shit about art but they looked really cool and also I feel like my outfit matched with the look of the exhibitions LOL. I usually wear all black anyway but I tried to add a white accessory to go a little bit more haha, though it’s not really hard to go with all white things like this when you’re wearing all black, monochrome is just too easy really lol.

But tbh my shitty iphone gifs really don’t do this place justice and you should just visit it yourself because the Cerith Wyn Evans one also has a sculpture thing that has sound and it’s just a really nice, chill environment to be in anyway. Make sure to go by the end of the week cause these exhibitions end on November 15th!!


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