Bone Daddies

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I wasn’t actually planning on writing about this place because I’ve already been to Bone Daddies a couple of times before and while it wasn’t amazing, the food and service were still alright. But me and my friend Aneeqa visited the Bone Daddies branch in Whole Foods on High St Kensington recently and the food and service were actually really disappointingly terrible??

Actually the food wasn’t wholly terrible but we had a lot of problems with it. I ordered the salmon buns with the spicy miso ramen while Aneeqa ordered the Tantanmen 2, the chicken version of the Tantanmen, with the fried chicken buns. Our ramen arrived before the buns, which was kind of annoying because obviously we wanted to eat the buns first/take pictures of everything together so our ramen was just sitting there while we waited.

Mine came first but it was still like, several minutes until the chicken buns finally arrived too. To be honest, I felt a bit put off from the buns because the salmon fillets were SO tiny, half of the buns were just empty space!? Although the taste of them made up for it because the salmon was actually so amazingly tender and not dry like I was scared it would be haha. The outside was really crispy as well and the pickles in the bun complemented it perfectly, which I guess made up for how tiny the salmon pieces were.

As for the chicken, I didn’t get to taste it but when Aneeqa was on her last bite, we discovered that there was still sooo much hair on the meat? Like I get that it’s really annoying and hard to clean off all the hairs completely on chicken but it really grossed us out and when we told our waitress this, she was really dismissive and just told us it’s because they just cook the chicken as soon it gets delivered then walked away. Like, that’s not really an explanation and also I don’t want to eat hairy chicken????


Ok as for the ramen, because I waited so long the actual ramen got a bit soggy and stodgy, which was annoying cause I like them when they’re basically uncooked lol, though I guess that was my fault for not just starting to eat immediately. Overall though, the taste wasn’t really overwhelming but it wasn’t completely underwhelming? I guess it was just… whelming lol?? Like it was alright but nothing amazing, which is why I wasn’t going to blog about it hahaha. I was kind of disappointed by the meat though because it wasn’t really tender at all, and also the egg yolks were a bit too hard boiled and not runny enough.

However my whelming ramen experience was nothing compared to Aneeqa’s shit experience tbh. Despite the fact she clearly ordered the Tantanmen 2, the pork-free ramen, they gave her the regular pork version of the Tantanmen, despite the fact that it is p. obvious she’s muslim, which was pretty insensitive really? (Btw I tasted some of this just to make sure and the pork in her ramen was so much nicer and more tender than mine lmao) When we told the staff this, obviously they apologised and said they’d get the right one but we had to wait sooooo long for this. Like I think a good 10 minutes at the very least, despite the fact there were barely any people in the restaurant and like 2108239 chefs in the kitchen? The new ramen did taste good, tbh I preferred it to mine lol, but the wait had been so long, we weren’t even that hungry anymore.

I know this is really picky and entitled but normally if I go to a restaurant and they get my order wrong or mess up, I don’t expect this obviously, but it’s like a pleasant surprise when the staff go the extra mile and maybe take something off the bill or offer me a drink or something as an apology, but Bone Daddies didn’t do anything of the sort. If anything, they made it awkward when we didn’t want to pay service charge, despite the fact they fucked up and did something p. insensitive by serving pork to a muslim really?? Idk idk I just felt like they could’ve done more than just saying sorry the one time lol.

So yeah, that was my third and most likely last trip to Bone Daddies. I’ve always found it alright but after this bad service, I doubt I will visit again really, although I have to mention that I’ve always found the service to be great in the Soho location. If you’re interested, Aneeqa also wrote a review of our trip here! Thanks for reading guys!


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