Halloween Nails

DSC_1240 DSC_1253

Base H&M ‘Time To Shine’

Decals H&M

It’s October which means it’s basically the month of Halloween! Normally I start dressing up and doing all Halloween kinda shit from the beginning of the month but I’ve been really lazy this year which means I’ve only just done my first set of Halloween nails lol. A lot of my nails have actually broken recently and they’re all super short  (mostly on my right hand haha) so I decided to just do a simple set for this week until they grow out a bit more.

So my friend got me these halloween nail stickers from H&M recently and then I ended up going to the store as well and falling in love with their whole new nail polish range so I ended up accidentally doing a set with all H&M products lol. But the stickers are so cute and easy to use cause you literally just stick them on and there’s no messing with other shit like water decals or whatever. And I’m SO impressed with their polishes because they have sooo many nice iridescent colours in different shades which is my fave thing ever!!

     DSC_1248 DSC_1224

For this nail set, I used the H&M iridescent flake polish called ‘Time To Shine’ and then just stuck on the nail stickers before using a gel top coat to top it off. Tbh it’s so hard to show just how nice the polish is because my camera is shit but it’s so amazingly iridescent but like, sheer at the same time? It’s definitely going to be one of my top used polishes, I can already tell haha.

These nails are normally waaay more simple than what I would normally do but I guess they’ll have to do until my broken nails grow out.What do you guys think of them? Let me know in the comments!


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