Buntastic London

I am so excited because there is finally a place in London that does shengjianbao!! These are a specialty of Shanghai that are basically like soup dumplings but instead of the thin skin, they’re fried baozi instead. They are actually my favourite thing ever and I’ve been craving them so bad since I last visited China last year but nowhere did them until now!

So Buntastic London is a pop up stall that changes location but I visited them at Druid St Market the other week with Joel and VA. We went nice and early because I had work at 11 and we actually ended up being their first customers haha.

buntastic2 buntastic3


So their menu offered not just the buns but also two types of salads as well – one was an aubergine with pomegranates in sesame oil and the other was bamboo shoots in a spicy dressing. The buns were £2 for a pair I think, but they also offered two buns and a salad for £6 which is a pretty good deal tbh! Obviously we ended up getting everything to share so we could sample everything.

All of the food was actually sooo delicious! I was so happy with the buns because they tasted like the real thing from China – the filling was really well seasoned and the little bit of soup inside was just the right amount as well. My only gripe was that the actual bun itself was a bit thin, so they fell a bit flat and the soup ended up soaking through, as you can see in the picture. Also because of the thinness, the bottom wasn’t as nice and crispy as I would’ve liked either. But other than that, it was delicious! And seeing as they were the very first buns, I’m willing to be a bit lenient on the quality of the buns haha.

The salads were so good too! Like just those alone are worth the visit, in my opinions. The aubergine salad went so well with the pomegranate seeds, like I never would’ve thought of using them in a Chinese dish but they paired amazingly well together. The bamboo salad was really lovely and tangy and spicy but only just a hint, so it’s fine even if you’re super mayo and can’t handle spices haha.

Also Buntastic London were also lovely enough to give us all a free cup of soya milk for being their first customers, which was so amazing! It made it like a legit Chinese breakfast because that’s what you usually drink there haha. All of the members of staff were sooo lovely and great customer service like this is one of the top factors for making me want to return to places tbh.

So if you’re looking to satisfy your bun cravings, I’d definitely recommend you guys to visit Buntastic London for some shengjianbao!


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