Skincare Routine pt. 2: Night Time


So here’s the second part of my skincare routine post! The night version is a lot longer than the daytime one because of removing make up and everything and it actually takes quite a while. I like to wait at least a couple of minutes in between steps so I always end up going to sleep like, 30-60 minutes later than planned just because of my routine. 


Step 1: Makeup Remover

I always start off with makeup wipes or micellar water just to get off the majority of my makeup. Tbh this probably is really unnecessary but it just makes me feel cleaner lol? Also because I can’t use oil based products on my lash extensions this is useful for removing eye makeup!

Step 2: Chemical Exfoliant – BHA

I know you’re supposed to this after the cleanser step but I read somewhere about doing this BEFORE OCM and I tried it out and it’s been so good in combination with OCM! So I put on a BHA (currently trying out the Clearasil pads bc I’ve been cheap lol) and let that sit for around 10-15 minutes. This is v. important!! You have to wait for them to dry at least, otherwise they don’t really work properly.  This is a good link with information about chemical exfoliation stuff if you wanna learn more btw!

Step 3: Oil Cleanser (OCM – Oil Cleansing Method)

Oil Cleansing Method is when you use natural, normally plant-based oils to cleanse your skin. You can buy oil-based cleansers from shops but I prefer to just use a mix of jojoba oil, castor oil and a drop of tea tree oil and it works gr8. This works best if you apply it with dry hands on a dry face and massage it for a minute or so, then use a microfibre cloth and warm water to wash off, although the cloth bit isn’t necessary for step 4!

Step 3.5: Clay Mask

This is an optional step I do every few days when I have particularly bad skin, but I realised that clay masks work the best for me after using a BHA and then OCM afterwards. So I pat my face dry after washing off the oils and then apply my clay mask, rinse off, then skip the second cleanser step and move onto the toner step.

Step 4: Second Cleanser

Normally this is foaming cleanser to properly rinse off all traces of the oils and this is called the double cleansing method. I used to use a foaming cleanser but lately I’ve been favouring African Black Soap which has been really good, even though I’m kind of wary of the pH level of it lol.

Step 5: Toner

Like I mentioned in part 1, this is to balance your pH and add hydration too. I normally just use the same kind of toner day and night!

Step 6: Chemical Exfoliant – AHA

So I am definitely in favour of chemical exfoliants so much more than physical ones, because they are less harsh and damaging generally. I actually haven’t been doing this lately because I’ve run out and I haven’t ever used BHAs and AHAs together in one routine but I’ve noticed that my skin has become a lot worse since I’ve stopped. Again, you need to wait before moving onto the next step!!

Step 6.5: Sheet Mask

This is another optional half step because it’s not something I do every day (although I do aspire to get on that level tbh), but this is when I would use them in my routine. I looove sheet masks so much because they just add another extra step of hydration in my routine, but also it’s just a nice relaxing thing to do.

Step 7: Moisturisers

I’m lumping this into one step again, like my previous post. I normally use a couple of more moisturisers than I would during the daytime, especially thicker ones.

Step 8: Spot Treatment

Actually I’m never sure whether to do this before or after my moisturisers, because it was different in the daytime one lol. If it’s like a cream/gel type sitch I’d normally put it on before but if I use hydrocolloid bandages then they come after. Hydrocolloid bandages are sooo good for spots though, like I just cut them up and put them on overnight and in the morning my spots are usually gone!

Step 9: Final Step

LOL I didn’t know what to call this because the last thing I do is to put vaseline over my face. Because it’s an occlusive, it kind of basically just seals everything up for the night and I wake up with a super soft baby face in the morning!

So there you go, that’s my night time routine! It’s a bit longer than the daytime but after wearing makeup and being out in like a dirty city, it’s definitely worth it to do all of these long ass steps! Let me know what you guys think haha.


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