‘Miniature Ink II’ Kewpie Exhibition


So I have an obsession with Kewpie babies, I’m not really sure where it comes from, maybe from my love of Kewpie mayonnaise LOL, but either way, I looove them so much. I’m so obsessed I even have a tattoo of one lol. They’re so adorable and cute and chubby, which is why I was so happy when Atomica Gallery announced their Miniature Ink II exhibition with Things&Ink, combining my love of Kewpie babies and art!

Unfortunately, the exhibition is now over because it was only one for one, short week but the babies are too cute not to share! Also even more unfortunately, they ran out of stock of the blank Kewpies that you could purchase to customise yourself, which I really desperately wanted, but I’m really hoping they’ll stock them on the site!! So maybe hopefully they’ll see this post and what an amazing cool awesome blogger I am and be like “oh shit we better stock them for Dodo Potato!”… right!?

Anyway, the sheer amount of artists that collaborated for this project were amazing and it was so hard to pick one favourite design because they were all so well done. Here are some of my favourites though! How adorable are the character ones btw!? There was even a little Henry VIII!



7 6

9 8


This gold chain one was my ultimate fave tbh!!
I’m so sad I didn’t buy it lol

I also posted another sneaky Kewpie on my instagram if you guys want to have a look! Which design was your favourite?? And even though the exhibition is over, it’s always worth checking out Atomica Gallery anyway because they have some really awesome art to check out!


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