Skincare Routine pt. 1: Day Time


I wanted to talk about my skincare routine because it’s like, ridiculously long but also totally worth it and my skin has improved so much since I started all of this. I pretty much have combination skin and I used suffer from really dry/dehydrated skin and like, gross dry patches that would show up when I put on makeup but I haven’t had that problem since I’ve improved my routine.

So I basically follow the whole multistep Korean routine except not really, because I do some things in different orders and tbh, I don’t really know what I’m doing properly except I know that it works out well for me. There are a lot of great blogs and resources that explain the science behind things like why the pH of your items are important in skincare, and I basically follow those but tbh, they’re really hard to follow for my dummy, non-sciencey self lol.

But anyway! I’m going to be explaining my day time routine, which is a lot less complex and faster than my night time one. Click below to find out what I do!


Step 1: Foaming Cleanser

I use a konjac sponge with a gentle foaming cleanser, because it foams it up better and also for a little light physical exfoliation, but konjac sponges are pretty much the only form of physical exfoliation I’ll deal with. I only use one cleanser in the morning because I don’t see the point of cleansing too much when I’ve only been sleeping in my room? There’s not much to clean lol. Right now, I’m using the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Cleansing Gel because it’s really gentle and has a pH of 5.5 which is good, because too alkaline products dry out your skin!

Step 2: Toner

This is to balance out the pH and apparently provide some hydration as well too. I tend to prefer Asian ones because they are usually supposed to be more hydrating as opposed to Western ones that I find to be more drying. I’m waiting to add a BHA toner to this step though so we’ll see how that goes!

Step 3: Spot Treatment

I actually have sooo many spots and it’s really distressing so I use the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo as a treatment for it. This has got some mixed reviews, with some people saying it’s amazing and others saying it’s dried out their skin but it works alright for me so your mileage may vary I guess.

Step 3.5: Face Mask

Sometimes if I feel like my skin is a bit dry or like, it could be better, I do a sheet mask for 15 minutes just to add some extra hydration because there isn’t really a limit on how much you can use sheet masks. My ultimate goal is to reach that point where I can just use them twice daily in my routine tbh, idk why, but I just feel like that’s a good goal lmao.

Step 4: Moisturisers

I’m just lumping this into one step but I usually use like 3/4 different moisturisers/emulsions/serums/whatevers at this point and layer them up. Basically just go from lightest to heaviest! During the day time I tend to use lighter gel creams and such that aren’t super thick.


This is the most important step!!!!! I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to wear actual sunscreen, not just using moisturisers with SPF in them because they don’t actually do anything. Even if you don’t think the sun is doing much damage or it isn’t really sunny, it’s better for your skin in the long term! Tbh there’s a lot to say about sunscreen like the difference between Asian vs Western ones, and chemical vs physical, maybe I’ll just dedicate a whole post to this because I feel v. strongly about this issue lol.

So there you go, that’s my daily routine! I feel like I’m always explaining parts of this to my friends so hopefully this’ll clear things up a bit. Or maybe tell me that I’m a dummy and I’m doing everything wrong hahahah. I’ll be posting the second part of this post soon!


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