Dessert at Sketch

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I feel like it’s pretty fitting that it’s patisserie week on Great British Bake Off and the show-stopper challenge involved choux pastries as I went to Sketch the other day and only ordered desserts with choux pastry! Sketch London is one of my favourite places ever, their food is amazing, the service is great and the decoration is so adorable, plus their toilets are little egg pods. I went for dessert in The Glade, which is decorated like a little forest with wicker chairs and books on the tables, so that was a cute experience.

Their menus are actually a little confusing because there’s like, different versions with slight variations so they seem mostly the same, idk, maybe I’m a dummy but it actually took a while to figure out what their desserts were lol. But I’m glad we did because they have such interesting choices! What I love about Sketch is that they often mix savoury and sweet ingredients together and their choices are usually pretty unusual.

Rocket & Passion
Rocket & Passion
Cherry Eclair
Cherry Eclair

A lot of the desserts had actually sold out by the time we got there, at around 5/6pm-ish but they still had quite a few to choose from. So me and my mum ended up ordering the Rocket & Passion, a choux bun filled with passionfruit jelly and rocket chantilly cream topped with a griottine cherry, as well as the Cherry Eclair, according to the site this is filled with kirsch cream, but it tasted like cherry jam tbh.



The Rocket & Passion was really good, especially the rocket cream, which tasted a bit like matcha really, but it worked really well with the passionfruit jelly! The Cherry Eclair was really nice too, but I felt like it was a bit boring compared to the other dessert. I honestly just picked it because it matched my hair haha. I wasn’t like OMG AMAZING at the desserts but they were still really good and I definitely want to try more!

One thing to note, though, is that Sketch’s choux pastry is actually SO amazing. Like I don’t know how to explain it but it’s just so well made and better than other regular choux pastries I’ve had before. Also they’re actually really surprisingly cheap! Each dessert is around £5.50 which isn’t very much considering the kind of place it is, and how much the food normally costs.

If you haven’t been to Sketch before, I definitely recommend it, even if it’s just for a drink because the atmosphere alone makes it worth it! Or even just to visit the little egg pod toilets lol. Check out their site here!


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