New Blog, New Hair

vscocam-photo-1 (2)

Yooooo Dodo Potato’s back, bitches!!! I’ve been super lazy/busy but I’ve really missed blogging and I’ve missed sharing good food with everyone but also I’ve been really wanting to write about beauty/makeup stuff too lately so watch out for all of that lol.

So along with a fancy new blog, I’ve also got a fancy new haircut too. For anyone who’s ever known me in the slightest, I’ve had long hair for like, ever and that’s what a lot of people have known me for but I’ve been wanting a change for ages and it finally happened!!

I got this done at Butcher’s Salon near Kingsland Road by Tegan as a practice model and it was such a gr8 experience. Like, she’s my friend anyway so it was lovely but she also because did such an amazing job too – not only did she cut my hair but she also toned the colour and styled it so well as well. I didn’t pay for this because I was a model but the prices for cuts at the salon range from £48-£60 so it’s quite decent!

vscocam-photo-3 vscocam-photo-2

Excuse my shitty patchy old long hair but isn’t the difference sooo shocking!? I can’t believe I did this tbh but I’m honestly so happy with it. It was so weird at first because my head/neck felt so light but honestly, it feels so natural and normal, like I’m already so used to it even though it hasn’t even been a whole day yet.

What do you think of my new hair?? I’m looking forward to styling it and everything and hopefully I’ll post some looks/tutorials/whatever soon too so watch this space!


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