Bob Bob Ricard



Finally managed to get the opportunity to visit Bob Bob Ricard, which I’ve been wanting to visit ever since I heard of them and their call for champagne buttons at each table! It’s obviously a bit fancier and more expensive than the usual restaurants I would go to but I ended up just going on a whim because I really wanted to and I’m so glad I finally did!

Although they offer a mix of European and Russian food, I went with the intention of just having the Sunday roast, but my mum and I ended up sharing a whole bottle of rosé, starters and dessert–like we had a whole three courses but I’m really pleased we went hard because it was all so delicious haha.

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Dumpling Shack Pop Up


SO last night I ended up going to the Dumpling Shack pop up with my mum! They are dumpling  (obvs) stall usually found in Broadway Market but this was a one week pop up as a way of testing the waters for a hopefully soon-to-be permanent site. I am a massive fan of shengjianbao and tickets were £35 each so I was obviously very excited about this pop up…

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Birthday Princess


Choker ASOS

Necklace Gogo Phillip

Jacket The Life of Pablo

Harness La Senza

Dress Moschino

Bag Moschino

Hello bitches 💫 I’m back again, don’t even have an excuse for being terrible at blogging, I’m just lazy tbh. I haven’t really taken any proper outfit shots lately, I’ve just been busy with school and work, this wasn’t even a proper photo it was a poor quality snapchat haha. I feel like whenever I go a while without blogging I always end up feeling guilty about it so I put it off and end up leaving it even longer, but you know what, it’s not even that deep lol. I like blogging cause I like having a space for chatting shit and showing my outfits and writing about food so I’m just gonna do it and not make a big deal about it. Also I finally have pink hair again and I am so happy about it!!! I finally feel like this is my final form lmao.

My birthday was actually like a month ago so this is just a tad late and I’m really annoyed I didn’t get a good picture of this but I really loved this outfit, I felt HOT AF in it and I actually got loads of surprise compliments lol. Also it was the first time I got to debut my Moschino biker jacket bag! This has been like, on the top of my wishlist after my Geobaskets but its obvs sooo pricey I’ve never been able to justify buying it for myself and using up all my money so I’m so grateful and surprised I got it as a birthday present! Definitely my fave handbag cause I feel like it suits my aesthetic so well – it’s black, gold and tacky lmao. What are your fave staple bags? ?

Ichiryu Udon



I recently visited Ichiryu, the new udon house from the same people that brought us Japan Centre and Shoryu Ramen, thanks to my mum notifying me about a 50% udon voucher haha. I guess it was only time that they ventured out and brought udon to London since there doesn’t seem to be a place that specialises in it. Tbh I’m not as fond of it as I am ramen, but I feel like it’s a perfect Spring/Summer meal since it’s not as heavy and rich as ramen tends to be. Click the cut to find out what I ate!!

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Ice Cream OOTD


Jacket C2H4

Shirt Dr Martens

Skirt Topshop

Socks American Apparel

Shoes Timberland

Necklace Vivienne Westwood

This outfit was clearly a while ago because it is now way too hot to wear a jacket right now in London. I went out in leggings yesterday and I was sweating omg!! But I really liked this outfit, especially the little details of white like the shirt and the socks and the inside of my jacket. I wore this a couple of weeks ago for my first shift with Chin Chin Labs, I thought it was fitting because the melty design on my shirt is like ice cream lol. Do you guys also match your outfit to occasions like this or is it just me being extra??

Eyelash Extensions

Ok so people have been asking me to do this post for like a long time and I’m finally getting off my ass to write about a guide to semi-permanent eyelash extensions! I’ve been getting them on and off for a good few years after wearing false eyelashes like, every day and they have been a godsend tbh!

I’ve been cursed with super straight, invisible asian lashes that don’t curl no matter whatever the fuck I do so I’ve always had to wear fake eyelashes to get them to show up. (Btw those are the only decent-ish pictures I can find of me without extensions because I’ve had them for so long I don’t have any proper pictures of my pre-extensions, sorry!) But the main reason I switched to extensions is that they’re so much easier!! Like I wake up and I already have nice lashes and it’s made me feel less self conscious about going out without makeup as well.

When I decided to start getting lashes done on the regz, it was kind of a struggle because I would just usually go on Treatwell/Wahanda and find the most decent place but there were loads of annoying factors like pricing (lashes are hella expensive!!) and availability (for some reason you always have to book like 4 weeks in advance or whatever and I don’t plan ahead enough for that shit), as well as the fact that most white people don’t really know about how Asian lashes work as well so they would never do them curled enough for my liking. But anyway, to save you the struggle of all the shit that I’ve been through, I’m gonna teach you my wisdom and guide you through eyelash extensions!

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Headband Mellow Planet

Necklace OS Accessories

Jumper Boohoo

Shirt/Dress Nike

Socks American Apparel

Shoes Timberland 

I’m all about that fake sports aesthetic tbh. Like I’m literally always dressed like i’m gonna do sports but LOL JK I’VE NEVER EXERCISED B4 IN MY LIFE!!!! I’m such a fraud lmao. But anyway I wore this outfit to go to a city farm with my friends before work and I’m glad I wore this headband because I ended up matching with my new goat friend. I wish I wore some different shoes like my Air Forces because they would’ve gone better but I had to go straight to work which meant I had to wear shoes I didn’t care about getting dirty. Have you guys ever had to make painful sacrifices with your outfits for the sake of your retail job too?? Lmk in the comments below lol.


Goth Bitch Looks


Jacket ASOS

Shirt Seven Rays

Shoes Dr Martens

I’m normally dressed in all black anyway but I felt like this outfit was just a little bit more goth bitch than usual lol. I purchased the 7 Rays shirt from a sample sale on a whim and I love it cause it’s like one of those thrasher-type fake metal shirts. I paired it with a velvet skirt and shoes as well as tying a chiffon shirt around my waist and a neoprene jacket, and I just really like the contrast of all the materials! I feel like I should’ve gone lurking in the woods or smth with this outfit tbh.